Dissolved Oxygen Control Systems

Energy saving control of multiple blowers in a common header for waste water aeration. Dissolved oxygen is controlled in waste water, via inlet valves or VFD's to control overall aeration. Basin balancing is offered as an option, which will maintain the dissolved oxygen to the designated zones.

Configurations to meet plant specific design requirements are made possible by using programmable controllers with user interfaces. The control and interface is unique for each plant.

New systems or retrofits have proven energy savings in the cost of operating blowers. Controlling the aeration process prevents the high cost of over aeration and insures adequate aeration to meet minimum EPA requirements.

Blower Protection Features

  • Surge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Blower bearing vibration protection
  • Blower bearing temperature protection
  • Motor bearing vibration protection
  • Motor bearing temperature protection
  • Motor winding temperature protection
  • Discharge air temperature monitoring
  • Discharge air flows
  • Discharge pressure monitoring
  • Inlet filter differential pressure alarm
  • Bleed valve surge controls
  • Blow off valve controls
  • Inlet valve controls to maintain airflow, pressure, or amperage
  • VFD controls to maintain airflow, pressure, or amperage

Scrubber Control Systems

System panels with power distribution for fan, recirculation pump, and chemical pump starters. The necessary controls for monitoring and protection are included. Field devices for flow, pressure, level, temperature, and chemistry are monitored. Auto/Manual controls, interlocks, and alarms are part of the system. Environmental considerations for enclosures provided such as heaters, air conditioning, and corrosion-resistant enclosures where necessary.

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